Freedom from Torture - Talking groups

Talking groups

Freedom from Torture offers a wide range of psychotherapy groups, which provide a safe environment for torture survivors to work through their traumatic experiences and begin to build a new life in the UK.

Torture has a profound effect on individuals, and an individual's ability and desire to trust others is often shattered by their experiences at the hands of torturers.

'Placing a torture survivor into a group addresses the profound sense of isolation that clients experience. Freedom from Torture clients have been made to feel so worthless. They don’t talk to anybody and have real angst. When they meet people in a group who are the same as them and have had similar experiences, they realise they are not alone in feeling this way. It is a massive factor in them turning a corner.' Alex Sklan, National Director of Clinician Services

Freedom from Torture clients are able to explore cultural differences that arise from living in exile; build trust, including with the opposite sex; share experiences of surviving trauma and talk about approaches to moving on from Freedom from Torture treatment towards they end of their time with the organisation.