Write To Life launch their first-ever quarterly zine

We're thrilled to announce that Write To Life, the world's only long-running creative writing group for survivors of torture, are launching a quarterly zine!

The booklet will be available both online and in print, and will include a collection of stories, poems and memoirs from the group of writers.
Here's a foretaste by Sheila Hayman, Write To Life co-founder and co-ordinator:
"I write this having wrapped up another long day at Freedom from Torture with a group discussion of the first draft of our first ever digital Zine, launching Write to Life's own brand within Freedom from Torture; a showcase for all the amazing creative work that goes on throughout the year, between and beyond our appearances at festivals, fundraisers and other events.
"It's a truly collaborative endeavour, co-edited by two colleagues, mentor Lucy Popescu and group member and writer Marsha Glenn, but with all the writers involved at every stage - hence our discussion tonight. 'I'm not sure that picture expresses exactly what I wanted to say'. 'Can it be in colour, not black and white?' 'I think those candles are boring!' and - occasionally, 'Yes, that's just what I imagined!'
"And even though it makes more work for everybody involved, it also sparks enthusiasm throughout the group, as everybody realises they can be not just a survivor, nor even just a writer, but an editor, too.
"We're planning to do this three times a year from now on. Each time a different team of a writer and a mentor will present the best of our recent work. Each issue will appear on this page, as a free download and physical copies you can buy directly. We can't wait for your responses to our first adventure in truly survivor-led publishing."