Freedom from Torture - London South East

London South East

Setup year: 

Chair: Professor Michael Maisey
Vice Chair: Dr Mark Rake
Treasurer: Mr Matthew de Lange
Secretary: Mrs Jill Jordan
Other Committee Members: Linda DeLange and Irene Maisey
Number of members: 6 (135 on the mailing list)

Achievements and successes:

The group was set up in 2012 following a launch meeting at Woolwich Town Hall hosted by the Mayor of Greenwich. The group covers a number of Boroughs including Lewisham, Greenwich, Croydon, Bromley and Southwark.

The first fundraising event was a very successful sale of hand turned wooden bowls which raised over £2000.

We are always ready to welcome new members either to attend meetings, raise funds or add to our mailing list so we can inform you about future events. Anyone interested please contact Michael on: