Freedom from Torture - How we can help you

How we can help you

The events and activities you are planning will depend on the size and capacity of your group, the expertise, skills and special interests of your members as well as your local area, the availability of venues, and many other factors.

While local groups are primarily responsible for the management of their events we can help you with the following:

1. Promotion and marketing support

The main existing channels for marketing include The Survivor magazine, which is published three times a year, our events listings (LINK: events pages) and our e-newsletters (LINK to subscribe page).

2. Event specific marketing, including assistance with mailings and press releases

  • Mailings - data protection issues prevent us from releasing our database directly to our Local Groups, but if you would like us to send out an invitation or letter on your behalf, we can often arrange this.
  • Press releases - all press releases need to be approved by Freedom from Torture’s Press Office. If you need help with a press release or would like us to arrange one for you, then please contact the Local Groups Fundraiser first who will liaise with our Press Office.

3. Event Attendance – Freedom from Torture staff and guest speakers

If you would like a staff member to attend your event, we will always endeavour to find someone suitable.

If you would like a speaker to come to your event, please do let us know at least six weeks in advance. Whether a speaker can attend will depend on the size of the event, the potential benefit both for the event and Freedom from Torture, as well as the costs and time involved.

Our Local Groups have hosted a number of well known patrons and supporters such as Michael Palin and John McCarthy. If you are planning a celebrity event, please do let us know at least three months in advance.

We will make every effort to help make sure your event a success.