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You help change the lives of torture survivors every day.

Thanks to you, tens of thousands of torture survivors have received the support and therapy they need to overcome their trauma and improve their lives. Since 1985, your generosity has helped provide medical treatment; group, family and individual therapy; legal support; and campaigning on behalf of torture survivors. Without you, none of our work would be possible, and we are so thankful for your support.

I would like to thank the supporters from the bottom of my heart for the help they provide. It is a tremendous kindness and I really appreciate the gesture. Without them I wouldn’t have had the things that have helped me so much.   - Noella, torture survivor

Here you can find information on where your donation is spent, what impact your donation has, and how we will always protect your data and respect your privacy. If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 7697 7788 or email on 

Supporter promise

Our supporters are central to everything we do. Each year, with your support, we help more than 1,000 people who have been tortured - people who arrive in the UK alone and with only their horrific experience. None of our work would be possible without you. We deeply appreciate your support and trust and strive to offer the best possible communications with you. This is our Supporter Promise.

We value your support

  • Whether it be financial support, campaign actions, volunteering, making a gift in your Will, and/or fundraising, we value your support and will respond and thank you in line with your wishes.
  • We will use your support responsibly to make sure that people who have been tortured receive the support they need.
  • Your donations will be used where they are needed most unless agreed otherwise.

We respond to your queries

  • Any time that you contact us via phone, email, post or social media we will respond to your queries promptly and professionally – with the aim of doing so within five working days of receipt.
  • We welcome feedback about our communications and regularly use this to improve and enhance our fundraising campaigns.
  • We will acknowledge all complaints within five working days of the complaint being received and will aim to investigate and resolve them within that timeframe.
  • If an investigation is likely to take longer than the five working days, we will notify you of a proposed timescale, aiming to resolve the complaint within a maximum of 25 working days.

We communicate honestly and openly

  • All stories that we use are genuine accounts of people who have been tortured – we will change names and photos to protect torture survivors and their loved ones.
  • We do what we say we are going to do with the donations that we receive.
  • Our complaints process is clear and easily accessible.

We respect your privacy

  • We take your privacy very seriously and will never share your personal details with any other organisation for their marketing purposes. For our full privacy policy, including information about how we use your data, build profiles of our supporters, as well as your other rights under GDPR, please visit
  •  You can change your details or the way we contact you at any time.
  • We will continue to contact you by post as long as you are an active Freedom from Torture supporter.
  • If you tell us you would rather not be contacted we will honour that.

Our fundraising

Fundraising is really important to us and we are proud of what it enables us to achieve. We’re committed to the highest standards in fundraising practice. We’re a member of the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator and adhere to their Codes of Fundraising Practice, including when it comes to fundraising ethics and interacting with vulnerable adults.

We comply with the law as it applies to charities and fundraising. We might turn down a donation if we feel that accepting it would damage our independence and reputation; if we do, we will explain why.


We will do all we can to answer any question you have about how your donation is spent. In 2017, for every £1 you donated £0.74 went to our services helping people who have been tortured, the rest was used to run the organisation professionally and raise funds to help even more survivors. Here are our financial accounts.


Sometimes we work with carefully selected external suppliers to help us deliver our communications and fundraising activities, because our team simply isn’t big enough.

We work with them to make sure they understand the issues we work with, adhere to our policies and comply with regulations. We may need to share your data with them for processing but never for their marketing purposes, and will ensure their use of your data meets all regulations required under data protection legislation.

We will only work with professional organisations that meet our high standards, and will train and monitor them in order to meet those standards. We will act quickly if they do not meet those high standards.

Get in touch

If you have any questions please get in touch with us:

By phone: 020 7697 7788


Or fill in the form here.

Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered here.

Complaints handling

Freedom from Torture is committed to achieving the highest standards in all its fundraising activities but acknowledges that from time to time complaints will arise.

What is a complaint?

Freedom from Torture’s fundraising department, in line with industry guidelines, defines a complaint as “an expression of discontent by a person or persons about an aspect of our fundraising activities that cannot be immediately resolved at the point of delivery, and about which the complainant desires that follow-up action is taken and a response provided.”

We will use your complaint as an opportunity to learn and to improve the fundraising services we deliver.

When should you complain?

When you have a concern or you are dissatisfied with any aspect of Freedom from Torture’s fundraising activities.

What do we not deal with?

  • We only deal with complaints that relate directly to fundraising.
  • The fundraising department does not deal with complaints about the services provided by Freedom from Torture or anything related to the treatment of our clients. If your complaint does relate directly to an aspect of our clinical work, please contact our Director of Clinical Services.

The Complaint Procedure

Please send any complaints to:

Freedom from Torture, Fundraising Department, 111 Isledon Road, London, N7 7JW

Or, you can contact our fundraising department directly on 020 7697 7788 or via email at

We encourage supporters to complain in writing when possible, whether through letter or email, as this helps us to maintain a written record of the complaint.

  • All complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of the complaint being received and where possible, be investigated and resolved within that time frame.
  • If an investigation is likely to take longer than the five working days, the complainant will be notified with a proposed timescale, aiming to resolve the complaint within a maximum of 25 working days.
  • As a complainant, you have the option to bring the complaint to the Fundraising Regulator, of which we are a member, within two months of your final response if we are unable to resolve the matter or you are not satisfied with our response. The Fundraising Regulator will consider the complaint in the light of the Fundraising Promise and the Code of Fundraising Practice. The Fundraising Regulator’s decision will be final. See contact details below.
  • If you are not satisfied with our response to a complaint related to our raffle you can bring the complaint to our ADR entity. As a member of the Lotteries Council, the registered ADR Entity that Freedom from Torture would recommend is:  The Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd (IBAS) -PO Box 62639, London,EC3P 3ASTel: 020 7347 5883.

What will happen after I complain?

We aim to make sure we respond to your complaint in line with the timescales set out in our complaints procedure above. We will keep your complaint confidential as far as possible, but we may need to share information with other people who need to know about the complaint in order to resolve it. We will handle information in line with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

What if I am still not satisfied after my complaint has been responded to?

If you are still unsatisfied after we have responded to your complaint, you are entitled to contact the Fundraising Regulator of which we are a member. Please note that if you contact the Fundraising Regulator directly about your complaint before contacting us, they will refer the complaint to us to respond to in line with the above procedure.

You can contact the Fundraising Regulator at:

2nd Floor, CAN Mezzanine Building, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH

Phone: 0300 999 3407



We will then work together with the Fundraising Regulator to try to resolve your complaint.

For full details of the Fundraising Regulator’s procedure for handling complaints please visit their website.

Your valuable feedback

Last year, we sent you a short survey so that we can read your feedback and find ways to improve. At Freedom from Torture, we are committed to doing what is best for both survivors and supporters, so the survey was incredibly useful. A huge thank you to everyone who completed it and returned it to us. Seeing the results and reading the feedback really showed us how passionate and dedicated you are. Some of you have been supporting Freedom from Torture for many years, and we are so grateful for that. We really appreciate the time you took to tell us how you are feeling. We are honoured to have your support and we hope that together, we can continue to improve the lives of torture survivors.

I have been a member a very long time and at times it feels rather hopeless, but then I think of your organisation and the fantastic work you do for survivors of torture and it makes me hopeful again. Thank you. - Freedom from Torture supporter

  • 81% of you said that the newsletter, The Survivor, was one of the communications you read most often. We will continue to produce and send The Survivor three times a year, bringing you more of the stories that you love.


  • 70% said that you regularly read our six annual appeals, though some commented that you received too many appeals and would like to receive fewer. Without the help of committed supporters like you, survivors of torture cannot get the treatment and counselling that they need. That is why our appeals are so important. We understand that not everyone can donate all of the time, but sometimes supporters like to read the appeals to be kept up to date. If you want to receive fewer appeals from us, please let us know and we can update your details straight away.

Thank you for what you are doing, for your vision, for your passion, for changing the world step-by-step. - Freedom from Torture supporter

  • Less than 3.5% of supporters who responded check our website or social media regularly. That is why we will continue to send newsletters and appeals in the post for as long as you are an active supporter. All supporters are encouraged to connect with Freedom from Torture online through our website or Facebook page for daily updates straight from the centre. We will ensure that all of the most important information that goes online will also go in print. If there is something you’d like to see more of, please let us know.


  • 89% of supporters highly approve of how Freedom from Torture deals with donations, rating Freedom from Torture 8/10 or higher. Thank you for your support and trust in how we deal with donations. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and your details will never be shared with parties for their marketing purposes.

What you do makes me hopeful about life, and that we can do things that heal, support and empower people. So, I think you are helping us the supporters, as well as the people who have endured such terrible experiences. - Freedom from Torture supporter

  • 87%of you feel appreciated as supporters, giving Freedom from Torture a score of 8/10 or higher. We hope to increase this number to 100%, so that all of you feel appreciated, with no exceptions. Without you, none of what we do is possible and we are incredibly thankful for all the support you give us.


  • 80% of you said that you are happy with the level of communication from Freedom from Torture...but if you feel that we are contacting you too often or not enough, then please let us know. We are delighted that 80% of you think our levels of communication are “just right”, and as valued supporters of Freedom from Torture, we care about you, and want to get things right. Every year, your generosity helps to improve the lives of hundreds of survivors of torture. By sharing stories from these survivors, we hope that you can see what a tremendous impact you make. To see more of the impact you are making, including how we spend your generous donations and how we build profiles of our supporters, or if you are interested in viewing our official Privacy Policy, please visit the recently updated Supporter Hub page on our website.



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