Freedom from Torture calls on UN to keep up pressure on Iran abuses

Today Freedom from Torture joined thirty-three civil society organisations to call on the UN to continue to pressure the Iranian Government to end human rights abuses including torture.

Iran is the second most common country of origin for our clients. Survivors who have managed to flee the country describe horrific physical and psychological torture that leaves them terrified particularly of future repercussions against not only themselves but also their families and friends.

If UN member states vote in favour of the resolution condemning ongoing serious human rights abuses, it will send a strong message to the Iranian Government. It signals their continued expectation that Iran will do more to deliver meaningful improvements in line with international obligations and domestic promises of reform.

Ann Hannah, Head of International Advocacy said:

It is critical that the international community takes a strong position on Iranian human rights abuses, including torture.

Recent actions in relation to the nuclear deal by the US President have created uncertainty about the international community’s strategies for bringing pressure to bear on Iran, but the UN should be a pillar of stability and consistency in calling for respect for human rights.

We are pleased to join these organisations in calling for UN member states to vote in favour of the resolution recognising the Iranian Government’s failure to deliver much needed action to end torture and other abuses. We also call on the Iranian Government to allow the Special Rapporteur to visit and monitor abuses and the measures that they claim to have taken to address them.

Survivors tell us that they feel the international community turns a blind eye to torture. This is an opportunity to show them that addressing these abuses is as important as economic or political interests.

Read the joint letter signed by Freedom from Torture here.