Join us in calling on the Prime Minister to reaffirm the UK’s opposition to torture

Freedom from Torture is launching a new petition today, calling on the Prime Minister to reaffirm the UK’s commitment to opposing torture in all its forms, wherever it takes place.

Torture is always wrong, and has been proven to be ineffective. Torture has also been widely accepted as illegal under international law, with the UN Convention against Torture supported by 161 nations since its establishment in 1987.

Despite this, torture is still actively used to control dissent and silence people, even in states which claim to oppose it. Many of these countries have strong political or economic ties to the UK, and look to us for approval and support on human rights issues.

We at Freedom from Torture know that torture continues to blight lives, because we support survivors from around the world every day, by providing rehabilitation and therapy services, helping give survivors a voice, and campaigning on their behalf.

Freedom from Torture’s new petition launches at a time of great political uncertainty: we must not allow the Prime Minister any room to reverse the fragile progress we’ve made so far in opposing torture. We have to ensure that refugee protections are not watered down in response to the recent terrorist attacks, or during Brexit negotiations, and that we do not stand by in silence if President Trump attempts to re-authorise the USA’s use of torture.

Susan Munroe, Freedom from Torture’s CEO, said:

“The UK has a proud tradition of championing human rights and the absolute ban on torture, at home and abroad. It is vital that the UK government does not abandon these commitments for the sake of political convenience.

In uncertain times, it is more important than ever that the UK’s stance against torture is strong and resolute, and that those of us holding the government to account make our voices heard”