Our new visual identity and website

Welcome to our new website and visual identity. This is the result of extensive research with our staff, supporters, others we work with, the public, and torture survivors themselves to develop an identity that will help us reach more people, work better for us in this digital age, and most importantly, enable us to continue to grow so we can help more survivors of torture rebuild their lives in the UK and recover from their trauma.

It was a complex undertaking, the breadth of our work means it’s hard to encapsulate all we do in one visual representation. We have recently launched our updated strategy, which you can read here. This is based around the three pillars of our work: rehabilitation – helping torture survivors heal and recover; protection - ensuring survivors can be safe in the UK, and accountability – using the evidence from our work with torture survivors to hold torturing states to account.

Underpinning all three pillars is our renewed commitment to putting survivors at the heart of our work. A crucial part of what we do is give survivors their voice again – something torture tries to take away. We remain dedicated to ensuring everything we do is led by the survivors we work with, they are key to developing our rehabilitation work to ensure it is as effective as it can be, and we support them to speak out about their experiences, and challenge harmful government policy.

This aspect of our work – empowering survivors – is key to all that we do. Without it, they will not leave our services to lead fulfilling and happy lives, and they will struggle to speak out against the injustices done to them.

We are not changing what we do and we continue to work tirelessly to help as many torture survivors as we can heal and recover, and campaign to change their lives for the better.