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All of us at Freedom from Torture are shocked and saddened by the terrorist attack that took place in Finsbury Park near our London centre last night.
Clive Anderson, Paul Merrett, Susan Munroe, Anton Manganaro
Over two hundred supporters ate, drank and laughed at Freedom from Torture’s Great Street Feast on 14 June. The major fundraising event was held at BAFTA headquarters in central London. Early indications are that the final total for the evening will top £52,000.
In the 13 years I have been working with Freedom from Torture I have seen many changes. However, the core of my work has remained the same – to develop strategic training and learning programmes to enable professionals to understand and support the needs of torture survivors in ways that are ethical, accessible and appropriate. Blog by Tina Puryear
Now that the election result is in, it’s time for the new government to set the tone not only for Brexit negotiations but also for the UK’s leadership and reputation on the world stage.
Freedom from Torture CEO Susan Munroe says: In the past few weeks Britain has witnessed some appalling terrorist atrocities. It is clear that action needs to be taken to stop such events ever happening.



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