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Tainted Peace
24 Jul 2015
“I nearly died in my torturers’ hands. Torture ripped my family apart. Sri Lanka’s sophisticated intelligence operation means that they watch us and monitor our whereabouts even when we are outside the country.
#OurSharedFuture means not to be treated as a second class citizen.
Forget Arsenal vs Spurs or Chelsea vs QPR: the most hotly-contested London derby taking place this summer was a match held to mark Refugee Week, between a team made up of Freedom from Torture’s clients, and an opposing team of Freedom from Torture staff.
Natnat from Survivors Speak OUT blogs about how for her, a shared future is about mutual respect and peace. Blog by Natnat, survivor activist
Refugee Week has a theme close to my heart - Different Pasts, Shared Future. As CEO of Freedom from Torture I lead on planning services to support torture survivors who seek refuge in the UK.

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