Fighting torture

Torture tries to silence and break people. It is illegal, doesn’t work, and is always wrong. Yet it happens to people across the world. Using our in-depth evidence of torture, we work with survivors to hold countries who torture to account.

We challenge our leaders and governments when they turn a blind eye to torture and what it does to people. 

We believe that trade agreements should never take priority over human rights. Nothing ever justifies torture. 

In a world where the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and other leaders say torture works, we must fight this dangerous message. We stand with survivors and stand alongside them to defend human rights.

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As a torture survivor, you carry the physical and psychological damage for life. President Trump, I respect your commitment and promise to Americans to make America great again. But a great nation doesn’t support or endorse the practice of torture. It respects human rights and upholds the absolute ban on torture.

Kolbassia Haoussou, co-founder Survivors Speak OUT

Fighting torture with our evidence 

Our evidence of torture comes from medico-legal reports. These are highly detailed, forensic descriptions of the physical and psychological injuries a person has suffered. They are completed by our doctors, clinical staff and lawyers to international human rights standards. Medico-legal reports act as evidence of torture to support a person’s claim for asylum in the UK. 

This evidence helps us demonstrate that countries have tortured or may still be torturing their citizens. It reveals patterns of torture and who the torturers are. This allows us to call on governments and international bodies like the United Nations to apply pressure on states which use torture. These reports and submissions also help us put direct pressure on countries to take real action to prevent torture and to make sure those responsible are held accountable.