Freedom from Torture - Risk, Resilience and Rights: Working with Children and Families

Risk, Resilience and Rights: Working with Children and Families

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5 October, 2018 - 09:00 to 8 December, 2018 - 17:00
This module runs over three Friday/Saturday sessions: 5/6 October, 9/10 November and 7/8 December 2018.
Leeds TBC

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“If one person in a family has been tortured, the whole family suffers”

– Jocelyn Avigad, Systemic Family Therapist and former manager of the Children, Young Person and Family Team at Freedom from Torture

The Working with Children and Families six day module will study the inter-relationship between the rights and needs of families (including their children) who have been impacted by torture.

Overall Aim:

To explore good practice and develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to work ethically and effectively with children and families.

Overall learning objectives:

  • Identify ways torture and organised violence, flight, and life in the UK can impact children and families.
  • Recognise how the legal and human rights context is relevant to our work with children and families
  • Recognise ways in which trauma and loss can impact and the individuals within a family and the family as a whole
  • Identify the range of risks associated with trauma for families
  • Identify good practice assessing the needs and risks of families
  • Demonstrate therapeutic tools and skills in working with symptoms of trauma
  • Recognise the risk of vicarious traumatisation, especially as it relates to working with families and identify skills and approaches to support self and team well-being

Dates: 5-6 October, 9-10 November, and 7-8 December 2018.

Location: Leeds TBC

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Meet one of the facilitators…

Zohreh Rahimi - Systemic & Family Psychotherapist and Group Psychotherapist, Manager of the Children, Young People and Family Team at Freedom from Torture London

Zohreh is a Clinical Psychologist and a Systemic Family Psychotherapist (UKCP Registered). She has worked at Freedom from Torture, the Medical Foundation since 1994, working with individuals, couples, children and families. She was acting Principal Family Therapist managing the Family Team at Medical Foundation from January to October 2002. She has also worked at the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Department of St Mary’s Hospital in London during 1999-2002 as a Primary Mental Health Worker for Refugees/Family Therapist. As a part of her work during these years, she has been involved in offering trainings, consultations, teaching, workshops and lectures. She has also written a number of publications.

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