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Our raffles

Raffle winners!

Christmas 2015

1st price – £1000 – 113284

2nd Prize - £250 – 266471

3rd Prize - £100 – 348182

Summer 2015

1st price – 254195

2nd Prize – 414218

3rd Prize – 493178

Spring 2015

1st Prize – 0530272

2nd Prize – 0515119

3rd Prize – 0242850

Our raffles are just the ticket to help make a difference to people's lives every time you play

Raffles are one of our most cost-effective ways of raising funds - for every £1 we spend running a raffle, we raise over £6 - so it’s a fantastic way to support our work while having the chance to win up to £1,000

Raffle tickets

We send raffle tickets out with our newsletter - The Survivor – which is mailed out to supporters in January, May and October

However, if you don’t yet receive our newsletter but would like to receive raffle tickets please email raffle@freedomfromtorture.org specifying how many books you need (there are 12 tickets per book)
or phone 020 7697 7788

How to enter

Please return the ticket stubs of all the tickets you’ve bought yourself or sold, together with the completed raffle ticket form, to Freedom from Torture, Freepost, WD4196, London N7 7BR

Which bit to complete

Please ensure that the name and address of the person who has bought the ticket is on every ticket stub to be entered in the draw

Who can enter?

Our raffles are run under the rules of The Gambling Commission for Great Britain

Under these regulations:

  • Tickets are not to be bought or sold by anyone under the age of 16
  • Tickets are also not to be bought or sold on behalf of anyone who is under the age of 16
  • The raffle is open to residents of mainland Great Britain (This excludes those living in Northern Ireland. Isle of Man and the Channel Islands)
  • If you do not live in Great Britain and you have received tickets, please return them to Freedom from Torture to the freepost address provided or to the address above
  • Freedom from Torture supports responsible gambling - www.gambleaware.org.uk


From our winners

Mrs B, Cambridge

"I was absolutely delighted to receive £1,000. I’ve never won anything before!”

Jamar, from Cameroon

Jamar came to Freedom from Torture after fleeing persecution in Cameroon, where he had been starved, kicked, stripped, whipped, beaten and trampled. When you enter our raffle, you'll help people like Jamar to receive the support they need to come to terms with their past and to start to build a brighter future.

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