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Influencing others

Policy and advocacy

Freedom from Torture has one of the largest archives of information about torture practices in the world. We work with our clinical colleagues and survivors of torture to develop policy positions both to help shape UK government policy and practice which impacts our clients and to advocate internationally on torture practices around the world so that torturing countries can be held to account.


Our advocacy positions are informed by detailed research into the patterns of treatment documented by both clinicians at Freedom from Torture and survivor accounts during both their torture and subsequent journey to the UK and through the asylum system.

Freedom from Torture is committed to supporting research and learning in the fields of torture rehabilitation, legal protection for torture survivors and accountability for torture. To this end, we welcome research proposals within these areas of interest. Find out more about our research >>

Survivor activism

Freedom from Torture works closely with survivors to support their development as activists and advocates. It also facilitates their voices being heard in a variety of other ways including through creative writing projects and performances. Find out more >>

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We have expertise on the rights and experiences, both practical and psychological, of refugees and torture survivors in the UK and across the world. Find out more about our experts >>

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