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So far this year over 22,000 of our supporters have taken action calling for the Government to stop detaining torture survivors for immigration purposes. These efforts have made lawmakers more aware of the issue and we're now seeing real movement for change.
It’s not often that Freedom from Torture takes to the streets to get its views across. But there are some issues that go beyond political ideology, beyond left and right. One of those issues is torture. That’s why Freedom from Torture took part in protest marches against the pro-torture beliefs of President Donald Trump when he visited the UK last week.
On Friday 13 July you will be making an official visit to the UK. Your time here will be short and almost entirely behind high barricades and heavy security. You have meetings scheduled with the Queen, with Prime Minister May and various dignitaries. Unfortunately, you won’t be meeting with me or the people I represent.
Torture is categorically wrong. It is ineffective, deeply unethical and rightly subject to an absolute global ban. And it destroys lives, as we know well from the extraordinary work our therapists do every day to help survivors of torture rehabilitate following their ordeals.


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