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Tainted Peace
24 Jul 2015
“I nearly died in my torturers’ hands. Torture ripped my family apart. Sri Lanka’s sophisticated intelligence operation means that they watch us and monitor our whereabouts even when we are outside the country.
Are you into street food but don’t enjoy standing in a wet and windy street snacking from a soggy cardboard carton? Do you like cutting edge gourmet cuisine but dislike formal dining etiquette? Then our Great Street Feast is made for you. Blog by Samuel Morton
Freedom from Torture’s Creative Art group ’Freedom to Live’
For the past two years I’ve been working with Freedom from Torture’s ‘Freedom to Live’ group at their West Midlands centre in Birmingham, to run creative Art for Wellbeing sessions in collaboration with Spring to Life. Blog by Gillian Lever
Since 2010 I have been a volunteer mentor with Write to Life, the creative writing and performance group of Freedom from Torture, helping survivors of torture to express themselves through words. Blog by Lucy Popescu
“Inside I am happy when I come here to talk English. No talk is no happy.” – Asli Blog by Anneke, Freedom from Torture volunteer


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