Freedom from Torture - Sri Lanka: Recipes from Home

Sri Lanka: Recipes from Home

Sri Lanka: Recipes from Home, is a recipe book that draws on torture survivors’ memories of home cooking. With 15 original recipes, illustrated with colour photos and notes, you can read and recreate familiar dishes such as onion roti, dosas and coconut sambal, as well as a variety of delicious curries based around chicken and mutton, and four fish dishes, a staple of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Chef and author Paul Merrett has written a forward to the recipe book. He says:

I have worked as a chef in Sri Lanka and have no hesitation in endorsing the national cuisine as one of the best in the world….but this book is way more than an introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine.

This book is a collection of memories, a connection to a beloved country far away and the loved ones left behind. This book serves as a testament to the bravery that is required to survive the horrendous torture and mistreatment handed out by the most appalling side of humanity and to rebuild a life far far away.

Cooking and sharing food is incredibly valuable to survivors of torture who have been forced to flee their homelands. In many cases the taste or smell of a cake, spice or fresh fruit can help to bring back memories of their loved ones, whilst helping them to re-connect with their culture.

This book is a true celebration of food, memories, and our Tamil community.

Price: £10.00