Freedom from Torture - Who are our clients

Who are our clients

Freedom from Torture provides support to adults, young people and children who have survived torture and organised violence (you can read more about our organisational remit here). The organisation refers to the survivors it helps as its 'clients'. The vast majority are asylum seekers or refugees who have secured their status in the UK.

Since we were established in 1985, over 57,000 individuals have been referred to the organisation for help. In 2017 alone we provided over 20,000 psychological therapy interventions. 

66% of the clients referred to us in 2017 came from 10 countries: Sri Lanka, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, India, Sudan, Turkey and Syria.

People face torture in many countries. Some are targeted for criticising the authorities or because they take part in peaceful political activities, such as protesting or leafletting, or even because a friend or relative had done so. Other individuals are targeted because of aspects of their identity, like their gender identity or sexual orientation. Wherever and whenever torture happens, it intends to intimidate, silence and break people. 

Freedom from Torture also helps the children of torture survivors who have been through great trauma. They may have witnessed violence and abuse or been forced to interpret the stories of their parents to the authorities in the UK, causing them to digest and repeat information which can have a traumatising effect.