Freedom from Torture - Freedom from Torture Scotland in Glasgow

Freedom from Torture Scotland in Glasgow

As the only Freedom from Torture presence in Scotland, the Glasgow centre has been treating survivors of torture across the whole country since 2004.

'I know when I die I will still have the pain in my body from my torture. I live with it every day. Freedom from Torture is trying to help people out of the dark and into the light. They speak to me with respect and like I am a person; where else can I find this?' Ahmed, Sudan, Freedom from Torture Scotland client 


The following services are provided by Freedom from Torture Scotland in Glasgow:

  • Holistic assessment, initially over 3 to 5 appointments to help survivors identify their needs and access appropriate support
  • A counselling and psychotherapy service for individual survivors age 18 and over
  • A systemic family therapy service, offering ongoing psychotherapy to children, young people and adults who identify themselves as a family
  • A programme of group therapy for survivors of torture
  • A Medico-Legal Report (MLR) writing service. This service offers forensic reports, psychiatric reports and psychological reports
  • Training for local agencies working with survivors
  • Supervision for local mental health practitioners working with survivors
  • Therapeutic massage 

Who can be referred to Freedom from Torture Scotland?

We accept referrals to our counselling and psychotherapy services on behalf of survivors of torture and organised violence living in Scotland who are aged 18 or over. We also accept referrals of children with their families. We consider referrals from people who are affected by their experiences of torture and as a result, are psychologically and physically vulnerable.

Due to the high volume of referrals and out limited capacity, we are unable to offer appointments to every person referred. We prioritise working with survivors who have additional unmet complex needs and would have difficulty accessing other appropriate services, and are not successfully engaged elsewhere. We accept referrals to our MLR service for both adults and young people under the age of 18.

How do I refer to Freedom from Torture Scotland?

Referrals for any of our counselling and psychotherapy services can be made using our referral form. To refer for an MLR, lawyers must write direct to the MLR Team at Freedom from Torture in London. 

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