Freedom from Torture - Freedom from Torture People

Freedom from Torture People

Freedom from Torture carries out its work rebuilding the lives of torture survivors living in the UK, from five national centres – in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle, and a presence in Yorkshire and the Humberside. Its headquarters are a purpose-built treatment centre in Finsbury Park, London. The services offered by the centres outside of London are constantly evolving to meet the needs of a growing population of torture survivors who, as asylum seekers, have been dispersed from London.

Some 69 full-time and 101 part-time staff and 190 volunteers work together across Freedom from Torture’s five centres to help torture survivors to rebuild their lives. A team of 62 interpreters enable staff and volunteers to communicate with clients, providing an expert interpretation of cultural sensitivites of language, as well as non-verbal communication. Doctors, caseworkers, counsellors, legal advisors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, interpreters, child and family therapists and art and music therapists make Freedom from Torture the only organisation solely dedicated to the treatment of torture survivors (read more from our clients in Survivors Voices) 

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